Red Legged Partridge (alectoris rufa)

Is a game bird in the Phasianidae family of the order  Galliformes. It is sometimes know as French partridge , to distinguish it from the grey or English partridge

It is a round bird, with light brown back , grey breast and buff belly. The face is white with black gorge. It has rufous streaked flanks and red legs. When disturbed , it prefers to run rather than fly, but if necessary it flies a short distance fast on rounded wings.

Portugal – Red Legged Partridge Hunts

Our hunting queen is the red partridge. We organize knock-out hunts, ancestors according to a royal tradition, or jumping with the help of hunting dogs.

Running through hills and valleys, feeling the heat and the sun that accompanies us for most of the year, we will enjoy the clash of adrenaline when the partridge rises, breaking between the giesta or stems after the dogs stop.

Waiting, during a beat, we will be able to enjoy the speed and succession of bids when, in flock, the partridges sting along the slopes of our hills and mountains. With the secretary’s help in recharging the guns the opportunities occur at breakneck speed, confusing the best marksman.

At the end of the journey we will find the table topped with the best meat, the fresh fish, the tasty seafood, the irresistible bread, the traditional cheese, accompanied by the unique world-class wines. To end the sensational regional sweets, delicacies matchless. All this in the comfort of our facilities and in the company of best friends and hunting companions, watching the immemorial sunset.

Partridge Beats

In this mode of hunting we can organize beats for groups of 8 to 10 hunters.

After breakfast we made two beats followed by a snack in the field to renew the forces. Until late lunch in the lodging, we made 3 more beats. After a restful rest, we offer a regional dinner accompanied by traditional Portuguese songs.

Jumping Partridges

In this mode of hunting the great protagonists are the dogs. Forming the line, between 5 to 8 hunters, we cross the area under the guidance of the chief guides, knowledgeable of the habits of the numerous flocks of partridges that populate our hunting area.

Electric moments come up step by step, always under the firm guidance of experienced dogs. The final numbers depend heavily on the hunter’s ability to master the adrenaline rush when he breaks the fast partridge under the paralyzing noise he produces upon rising.

At the end of the journey, a retemperador lunch and a convivial where the topic of conversation always passes through the multiple failed bids.

To not lose!